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core[edit | edit source]

  • Nodes are points with a geographic position, stored as coordinates
  • Ways are ordered lists of nodes, representing a polyline, or possibly a polygon if they form a closed loop.
  • Relations are ordered lists of nodes, ways and relations (together called "members"), where each member can optionally have a "role" (a string). Relations are used for representing the relationship of existing nodes and ways.
  • Tags are key-value pairs (both arbitrary strings). They are used to store metadata about the map objects (such as their type, their name and their physical properties). Tags are not free-standing, but are always attached to an object: to a node, a way or a relation.

tiles[edit | edit source]

tiles are 256-pixels wide

vector tiles[edit | edit source]

vector tiles hold no concept of geographic information. They encode points, lines, and polygons as x/y pairs relative to the top left of the grid in a right-down manner.

C# library for decoding Mapbox Vector Tiles @ v2.x - one from

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